remaking marc jacobs

I am a huge fan of boater hats, but seriously, right now, who isn't?  I especially loved Marc Jacobs flat top version of the boater hat and tried scheming ways of getting one.  Perusing Michael's, I found some cheap straw garden hats and came across a baby or doll sized hat.  I simply hot-glued a metal barrette clip inside the hat.  This was as close as I could get at making a boater hat, under $5 that is.


  1. you're too cute, that's a lovely version of a boater hat, and much more affordable than marc's :)

  2. omg! I love boater hats! I was in Melrose this summer and found the most beautiful boater hat I had ever seen in a thrift store, but Melrose being Melrose it was 40 dollars and I had to pass it up :(


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