taste of tea

By far one of the funniest, heartwarming Japanese films I've ever seen.  Although I'll admit that I don't have much to reference on.  Taste of Tea is one of those movies that just makes you feel good.  It's the Japanese Amelie with a much different plot.  It also has a fantastic soundtrack, and I've had tried several times to locate it, but the one or two sites I've pinpointed were in Japanese so I didn't want to order since I couldn't read the characters.  I will include two clips.  One is of the trailer, that has a amazing song in the beginning.  Plus the original "Mountain Song."  I'm also including the "Mountain Song" clip as well.  This song became famous during my wedding weekend, as I made many of my friends sit and watch the clip multiple times until we were all singing "Ya-my-oh....ya-my-yo.."

Taste of Tea trailer
Mountain Song

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