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For my wedding, my sister and I made sure that everything we could possibly make, we would make ourselves. A couple of the crafts that I was surprised how well they worked:
1. bridesmaids hair accessories (made with a mixture of millinery supplies, silk flowers, vintage salvaged jewelry)
2. ribbon dowels

I used the ribbon dowels to accentuate the ceremony walk way. After the ceremony we used them in our bridal party photos. I think it adds a lot of quirk and fun to it. The great thing about making your own decorations are the prices. The dowels alone were probably about $1 per, after buying the ribbons and dowels (home depot). The hair accessories ended up being about $10-15 each.

photos by ben blood

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  1. Your dress is about the coolest thing I've seen! (gasp: you guys didn't whip that up, did you? If so, there is some serious talent floating around.)

    I love the hand-made touches. They are just perfect. Lovely, lovely.


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