christmas starts now

I've started my Christmas list early this year as I'm hoping to make handmade gifts as much as possible.  With that in mind here are some ideas for everyone.  Homemade ties.  Have a guy?  A dad?  A brother?  Want a guy?  Make him a homemade tie.  My mom made the ties for our groomsmen and she whipped those out within a week.  And considering the plethora of fabrics to choose from, I would say that this was a winner.  A sweet way to personalize it is embroider his name or something sweet near the bottom of the tie.  Here is a tutorial on tie making, and it comes with a free pattern!  Hurray!

{photos of ties by Ben Blood}
From Vim and Verve

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  1. girl, those are not easy! I looked up directions and too many steps. Very cute ties though!


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