hello, illustration

Today I was complaining to my sister about my lack of drawing capabilities.  I especially lack my own personal style.  She told me to pick out a style I like, and practice drawing it.  In fact, she commanded me to draw an illustration a day.  So, I picked out my favorite style, I don't know what it's called so if anyone knows, please tell me.  I love that quick, scroll-y, inky illustrations with the bright colors usually depicting Paris, or Italy... I have a journal with an illustration similar to it, and tried to find examples of it online.  So, here is my cheap little illustration. I really hope I get better.


  1. Yaaaaaaaay! Also, that is some very good advice from Brit, must say!

  2. that's a really cute illustration! keep it up -- the more you draw the easier it is to create what's in your head.


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