a look in my kitchen

Well.. not totally in my kitchen.  Eric and my kitchen is quite small, so when someone has a teacup collection, 3 tea sets, loads of appliances, and a kitchen aid mixer... it gets complicated.  So, we decided we'd put all of our ugly appliances in the kitchen cabinets, and all the pretty things outside in our living room.  One of my favorite things in our apartment is my tea cart.  Although it's not for tea exclusively.  We have way too much tea and tea accessories; the tea and coffee is spread throughout the apartment.  My tea cart is used for the joys of hot beverages and baking.  With my handy Kitchen-Aid mixer in pear (the best color! well no, one of the other best colors is mint, but my sister got that one...blast!) and my Orla Kiely jars full of flours and sugars, there's always a place for baking.
The wonderful table cloth on our kitchen table was a vintage wedding gift from my dear friend, Hillary.  The chairs were only $6 each from Cost Plus World Market!  Anyways, our apartment is slowly coming together, although the organizing of it alone is such a pain.  I wish we could paint our apartment, those walls would be much brighter if so.

{in the kitchen}
{our dining room}
{our living room kitchen}


  1. loooove the colours you have in your kitchen. and everything is so pretty. can i have it?

  2. oh my, i just fell in love with your kitchen! where oh where did you get those beakers of spices? and i like your pear jars- i have the matching cups- target yeah? everything goes together so wonderfully... and cute cat!

  3. pretty kitchen. love the little owls - almost bought them too.


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