malachi's birthday gift

These little chocolate devils were in malachi's present.  I didn't want to post it too early so he'd see his gift before he got it in the mail!  Hopefully they didn't melt in the postal truck on the way to Pasadena.  What I can say about these is they weren't my idea.  I got it from a wonderful food blog, At Down Under.  {Their photos are much prettier and better stylized than my crappy photos with fake marble kitchen counters}  They are the easiest things to make and I highly recommend them.  Oh, and thank Anna for sending me the At Down Under link!  That girl is always finding stuff.  Good stuff.

you can find these little guys here.


  1. That is so funny, I just sent you some of these yesterday!! Hah! :D Yours look much better than mine, shoot!

  2. The mustache guy was the best.



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