pumpkin ale bread

It doesn't really taste like pumpkin.  But the bread is darn good, especially with honey.  Trader Joe's Beer Bread, all you do is add beer or soda or any carbonated drink.  I added pumpkin ale because I was curious about it tasting like pumpkin.  It doesn't.  Another fascinating thing I heard about stout breads is you can bake them in tin cans.  You can probably bake anything in tin cans but I think the stout has something to do with it rising....  to tell you the truth I don't know.  None the less, dinner tonight: chili, rice, and some yummy bread.


  1. I was just at Trader Joe's today, saw the beer bread, and thought of this post! Looks major yumm. BTW, you have an award to pick up on my blog. :) Thanks for the continuous inspiration!


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