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I hold Seattle very dear to my heart, and leaving it for Portland kills me.  I still keep up with Seattle, looking at the events and news... I am only three hours away.  One blog I love to keep track of because it really makes me feel a part of Seattle: Le 21ème Arrondissement is a street style blog showcasing Seattle's natural talent: fashion.  It is The Sartorialist for our glorious city.  There are other Seattle street style blogs out there, but Le 21ème Arrondissement has the ability to capture all facets of style, beauty, humor, creativity, all of that goodness.  Not too many look to Seattle as a fashionable city, but I think with the coming of Chris Benz and other Seattle designers, growing up in the city shapes your perspective of style and color.

{photos by Adam Sinding}


  1. Thank you SO much! We REALLY appreciate this!
    - le 21ème

  2. I love Le 21eme.

    We are lovely little Portland's street style blog. Be sure to check us out. http://urbanweeds.blogspot.com

  3. Your clothes are so cute!! Thanks for the note, Portland has a pretty sweet fashion scene. There's a lot going on here... and the designers are all so nice. You must go to Content at the Ace in October... it's going to be amazing and a great opportunity to meet some of Portland's top designers in person. Plus we'll be there style scouting ;)

  4. I am regular follower of the fabulous Le 21eme which led me to their link to your page. Your Blog is lovely! If you are ever in the need for more Seattle fashion check out my blog:


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