toasted coconut marshmallows

That's right.  Homemade marshmallows!  Is the process messy?  Very.  Tiring?  Very.  Time consuming?  If you consider waiting overnight for the marshmallows to dry, then yes.  Worth it?  I'd say so.

The great thing about making marshmallows yourself, is the fact that you can customize it in several ways.  I figured for this first time around, I would stick to an already proven recipe.  I decided to go with a basic homemade marshmallow recipe, but with the small twist of toasted coconut.  Food Network's Barefoot Contessa brought me the inspiration.  You can find the recipe here, or download my recipe card!

Let me know how your marshmallow adventure fares!


  1. How pretty! They look like little mounds of snow, covered in leaves. :)

  2. I cannot wait to make these too! YUM

  3. these look amazing! i love gourmet marshmallows, but this takes it to a whole new level...a+mazing!

  4. I ate these! As I said before, I don't even like marshmallows, but I liked these! That is how good they were.

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