easy fall decorations

These are easy and very cheap fall decorations.  Hanging Leaves!  I just finished my first batch, and once I'm finished, I'll post photos of my hanging leaves and other fall decorations I've completed this week.

The first step: Exercise a little!  Go on a walk and collect some great condition, and colorful, fall leaves. Make sure you have most of the stem connected to the leaf.

The second step:  Buy yourself some wax.  I went to Michael's and bought microwaveable soy wax.  It was pretty cheap out of the bunch. $9.00 for a pretty large container.

The third step:  Melt a small amount of wax, depending on how many leaves you collected.  I melted way less than 1/4 cup and collected about 8 leaves and had much left over.  So, melt smaller than you expect.  Follow directions on wax to get the right temperature, although I don't really think it matters.  I melted the wax for about 1 minute 30 seconds.

The fourth step:  Dip and drench leaves in wax, shake off extra wax.

The fifth step:  Hang leaves from clothespins.  (Side note: make sure you have newspaper or magazines, something you don't care about,  underneath the hanging clothespins because the leaves do drip a little).

Final step:  Once the leaves are dry, hang anywhere you want from monofilament or, other hanging materials.

{Source & Photos: Martha Stewart}


  1. such an adorable idea, am doing it tomorrow. Just posted a link about House of Hollin, need to buy some of your 'recycleables' :) thanks for the ideas and beautiful pics.

  2. Oh dear! These are so cute!!! Is this from the craft encyclopedia or just Martha's website?

  3. These are gorgeous! Perfect for fall.


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