emma lamb

I found Emma Lamb blog yesterday and love her cute crocheted flower garland.  I've never crocheted or knit anything in my life, commitment issues, you know.  Well, these small flowers seem possibly doable.  Has anyone crocheted something like this?  Is it really hard?

{photos by emma lamb}


  1. Telling from the photos, all the pieces look like very simple beginner stitches that are easy to crochet-in-the-round. Lots of fun too! I'm sure if you pick up any basic crochet book, and with a little time each evening, you could crochet one of these up before Christmas. Once you learn, it is quite addicting.

  2. You should have a look at youtube, just type in "crochet" and it will show you loads of tutorials on how to crochet flowers, hearts and anything you like. I learned knitting that way and it worked really well for me :) I think I'll try to make a similar garland for my lamp. It's very cute!
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. The girl who wrote stitch n' bitch has a book called the happy hooker that's about crocheting. It's pretty goooood!

  4. So darling! I wonder if this could be done with yo yos, as well--since I don't know how to crochet!


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