holiday outfit #1

As Christmas gets closer, I tend to get a little overly festive with my wardrobe.  It's something that I just can't help.  Plus, our electricity went out due to the crazy cold, violent winds, so I decided to make a cute little financier using some left over ornaments I got from Urban Outfitters.

{cardigan:vintage, top: anthropologie, skirt: anthropologie, belt: gap, leggings: american apparel, boots: forever 21}


  1. Oh that is so fun!! I am all about being festive for the holidays. I love it when the power goes out too. That's a sweet little cardigan.

  2. So. Cute. I want to make one, too! How did you do it?

  3. So cute, Hollin!

    - www.21Arrondissement.com

  4. hello! i found your blog from ben blood's photography of your lovely wedding.
    what a wonderful blog you have!
    love the outfit : )

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