vacation and christmas updates

So I've been out of the loop lately with Thanksgiving preparations and the parents coming to spend the holidays with us in Portland.  I wanted to document our thanksgiving and really showcase the awesomeness, but when it's 4 people in a very cramped little kitchen all morning, well... it wasn't all that pretty to blog about. 

However, the holidays were spectacular and I wish I could revisit that pumpkin pie and glorious turkey.  Differently, Eric started taking down the fall decorations the Friday after and made room for Christmas.  On Saturday we then went to Seattle for the day and hung out with the awesomest of friends and stocked up on Seattle food goodies. 

Here are some images to sort of catch up into gear.  A chocolate peppermint cupcake (the only one that we didn't devour right away) from Trophy Cupcake; some holiday lights in the apartment (more decorations to come), and me, picking out a Christmas tree (we just cut one down tonight!)


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