in the sun

So here is the new music video for She & Him.  Now really, tell me what you think.  What I think?  I think the best parts were M. Ward reading a magazine in the library, and then on the phone in the hall.


  1. I thought the dancing was kinda sweet!! so I think that was my favourite part, because I dance a little cheesy like that. haha. M. Ward in it is funny too. hehe. The song is beautiful. It will be so nice to have newer She & Him songs to hear regularly.
    Her wardrobe is a favourite too.

  2. what the what? i didnt even know zooey deschanel had a band! group? what is it? woman of many talents... tin man, elf, shes basically a chameleon! -keitlyn

  3. i like lots about it. But the silly dancing may be the best part.


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