I've been craigslist hunting lately.  Looking for wonderful apartments that are cheaply priced (not many to be found).  I've been living in Portland for almost a year, yet the bedroom is still undecorated and the rest of the place, quite cluttered.  It's always so much fun looking at beautifully decorated apartments on Design*Sponge and other sites.  I've compiled a folder on my desktop to collect these images, hopefully my apartment will come close to these some day.  Here are some inspiring images.

{as a bit of a moron, i didn't remember to keep all the sites of these photos.  most of them are from design*sponge, though.}


  1. Ahh, I always drool over the sneak peaks on design*sponge and it is very sad that decently located and priced apartments are so rare. Good luck!

  2. Beautiful pics! The bedrooms look gorgeous!

  3. oh man sis these pictures are great!!


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