long time coming

It has been a very long time since I've posted on here.  I've felt very bad and slightly lazy about that.  The beginnings of packing boxes and rearranging has been time-consuming.  Then my cat, Weasley, had a bit of a sick time.  All in all, I just haven't found anything too awesome to blog about in my life.  Except now!  I went to Seattle, touring with my sister and her band.  One of the places that my sister and I demanded that we go to is Uwajimaya.  It doesn't make too much sense, as I have an Uwajimaya grocery store down the street from me, however, the Uwajimaya in Seattle is HUGE.  What is especially huge is their Kinokuniya bookstore.  I was able to find Fudge magazine, finally, and some other good craft books.  What was particularly exciting for me was the canvas tote bag I purchased for my new goods.

What was particularly strange about this issue of Fudge magazine, was that it came with a little tote bag, which was featured on the cover and made out of the same fabric as the model's blouse.


  1. At first the kinokuniya bag reminded me of your wedding invitations.
    Very cute patterns too.


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