Moving to Montreal, I was extremely worried about my shopping choices.  Of course I assumed there would be lots of new designers and stores to discover, I was still missing my favorites, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Free People, and Target!  Of course I don't need any clothes.  But it's always nice to know that they're out there.

Well.  I don't have to worry about that anymore.  Not that any of those stores are coming to Montreal anytime soon.  I found a new passion, a new love, a new store.  It's definitely not new, or anything, and I know that Zara has been around.  I've heard of it.  I just never really bothered to pursue it, as it was never in a city that I was living in.  Zara is in Montreal.  In the "Res" or underground city, tucked away in the metro system.  And from studying its website online. I've come to the conclusion that Zara can do no wrong.  At least for me.


  1. we have one in chicago too!!! also connected to the L. i was pretty disappointed with their store selection though, you will have to report back.


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