fall in montreal

Fall in the Northwest is one of my favorite things in the world, and just thinking about it this summer made me pretty depressed.  Moving to Montreal has been kind of hard on me, for no real reasons really.  One thing I've treasured dearly is spending fall days at Sauvie Island, in Portland, and picking a variety of pumpkins and squashes.  I didn't think there would be any farms like that in Montreal.  That was stupid to think.  I found a variety of farms that offered pumpkin patches and more, one even less than an hour away.  We went to a farm and picked a small amount of pumpkins (kind of pricey) and even bought a homemade dutch apple pie, which was soooo delicious!

And then, to celebrate my favorite holiday twice, we took part in Canadian Thanksgiving.  Probably not the way most Canadians do, I wanted to go "all out" in the Canadian duds, so we bought some poutine from La Banquise and then tried, for the first time, spruce beer.  Unfortunately, the spruce beer was a little too much for us, it was like drinking a car freshener. 

I'm so glad I was able to celebrate fall the way I like to here.  However... fall is ending quickly and upcoming is the winter - cold, cold, winter.

my hair got a little nuts from the wind....

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  1. you're so beautiful hollin!!
    transitions are hard for me too...don't worry, in no time, you'll rule montreal!


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