a christmas present diy

 This post is kind of late, being that Christmas is already over, but this can always be a birthday gift, or even something you can prepare for next year!

This year being so far from home and students in a foreign land... or at least semi-foreign... Christmas can be difficult to pull off!  We had a strict budget and followed it as much as possible, but a lot of gift ideas we had, we just could find around the city of Montreal.  What's even harder is shipping everything in time and in budget.  We probably ended up spending more on our gifts than we should've, due to shipping, however, it's way worth it to buy gifts for your family.  What was especially hard this year was finding gifts for our little nieces.  My sister-in-law has the cutest little baby girls, and unfortunately I've only gotten to meet the oldest one.  We wanted to get them something, especially since we're not around, so I decided to make them a handmade gift, that was lightweight and special.

Meet the bunnies.  Originally I wanted to do actual girl dolls, but never got around to finding a good fabric store.  These bunnies are so cute and fairly simple to make.  The only tricky part was the face embroidery.  My husband had to look up a video tutorial online, but once that was figured out, it wasn't too difficult.  I should've named these bunnies, but usually the kids name their animals themselves, right?

I know that once the kids start growing up, they'll want battery operated toys and more elaborate gifts, but for now, I'm glad they're young enough to enjoy something plushy!  I kind of want to make myself a cat version of this template.  To make your own: Click Here.


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