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It's been a long time since I've last exercised.  A long time.  In preparation for her summer wedding, my friend, Edna, has been vigorously exercising and staying healthy, and her hard work has given me new determination to be healthier and hopefully shed some fat.  One type of exercise Edna introduced me to was Ballet Beautiful, a exercise program that uses Ballet techniques.  After finding this, I started looking at other Ballet-Pilate type exercises and found some free videos.  Not only do the exercises seem challenging, but they also look graceful and frankly I think it just looks like a whole lot of fun to try.  Although the giant tutu does seem kind of appealing, I'll probably skip it when first trying these exercises.

You can see some of the exercise moves on this ABC interview.

photo by Tim Walker

Did anyone see Black Swan?  I saw it, and even though I technically didn't find it incredible (you can hate me if you want), I thought the costuming was beautiful, and then after I found out Rodarte did Natalie Portman's ballet costumes, well, I wasn't surprised.  They are feather-wonderful.
from Black Swan
from Black Swan
from Black Swan

After discovering these ballet/pilates type workouts, and the Black Swan costuming, I got inspired to check out other beautiful ballet photos.  Here are some of my favorites.

photo by Tim Walker

by friend, Brandon Witzel

by Brandon Witzel

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  1. Just beautiful! Good luck on the exercises, however I think a tutu would be a great motivator! Hope all is well with your classes! Saw "Black Swan" too! Hope you enjoyed it


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