etsy: golden ponies

I've been a huge fan of Golden Ponies for a while now, ever since I harassed a customer shopping in Anthropologie about her shoes, in which she replied, they were handmade Golden Ponies.  I wrote the information on my hand, and immediately rushed home after work to look up these shoes.  That was over a year ago, and I've still yet to own a pair myself.  They're incredible, handmade, leather, oxfords, and now including heels and ankle boots.  She has a large amount of leather colors and you can pretty much customize anything.  I've got a long list of oxford ideas, ranging in all sorts of neutral and bright colors. And the ankle boots seem to be a must as well.  I have a feeling, I will be a long-time customer of Golden Ponies.
See her full list of products here.

I want these, in the bright blue color!
I'm getting myself something similar to these, can't wait to show you when I get them!
these are on my list next.
really looking forward to owning some lilac or yellow oxfords with beige laces!


  1. I just got my own pair of beige Brogues/Oxfords in the mail yesterday morning and almost wore them to bed. Very well made and perfect for spring. Can't wait to get a pair of the heels next!

  2. I just ordered a pair of oxfords. Can't wait to get them in the mail! (:

    ♥ ♥ ♥


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