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It's kind of funny how life works.  If you've looked at my photoblog you can see that it's been practically inactive since February.  There's several reasons for that, some being that we took a 5 day road trip cross continent, and I've been busy planning wedding crafts and preparing for photo jobs.  So what was once inactivity is now too much activity!  Hopefully within the next few weeks you'll find a plethora of new photo entries in my photoblog of awesome sisters, engagements, and weddings.  If you're interested in my services, feel free to send me an email on my contact page.  I'm currently in southern California until the first week of August and will be in the Northwest from July 26-31.  Now here is a preview of a post that will hopefully be up on the photoblog soon!

Two Awesome Sisters
Los Angeles, CA

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  1. oh boy! I can't wait to see this plethora!


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