it's been a month??

Yikes.  My summer intentions were to blog more, about cool things I've been up to or seen.  But what a disappointment.  Summer has been busy.  Not just with photography and general summerness, but with school, and traveling...  summer has been more exhausting then the school year!  I apologize for being too lazy to update the blog.  I thought I'd kick off August with my travels.  The first:  San Francisco!  I'll be doing a few posts on San Francisco, as it's sectioned either by day, or by an awesome place we visited. 

Pot and Pantry is a super awesome buy+trade kitchen shop.  The owner is a friend of a friend, and she sure does have really great kitchen stuff in this tiny shop.  I bought some wooden measuring spoons and a ridiculously amazing chopstick set with cat shaped chopstick rests!  That's right.

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  1. this store looks amazing... like the kind of place that would take all my money.


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