the return of weekly wishlists

So usually when I get in the mood to buy things, I have to create these wishlists to tell my brain that I'm "doing something" about the stuff that I want.  So rather than buying, I come up with weekly wish lists.  I did this for awhile, but then I actually started school and jobs so I had my mind occupied.  Well I've got a few more weeks without occupation meaning a few more wishlists coming this way!

weekly wishlist 1

Amazon.com: Broadcast News (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]:..., $24.00
Jeans by Madewell $79.95
kitchen goods / Chemex
gifts pour moi / Women's new arrivals - accessories - DODOcase™ for... $79.95
beauty things to try / Women's new arrivals - accessories - Poppy King... $18.00

  • I've been wanting a Chemex coffee maker for a long time now, and I'm hoping one of these days I'll just go for it and buy one.  
  • J.Crew started carrying The Dodo Case for the iPad 2. I wish they were cheaper than $60-80 but I might just have to save up and invest.  
  • Madewell is pretty awesome sometimes. At first it didn't seem like there was a whole lot they offered, but after finding a pair of high-waisted wideleg pants that I've been searching for a long time now, I'm pretty excited.
  • J.Crew coral lipstick.  It's the same lipstick color you see on all those J.Crew ads.  I'll take it!
  • And finally, Broadcast News.  Have you seen this movie?  I love it!  Holly Hunter is incredible in it, and if they make a reference of it in Gilmore Girls you know it's probably pretty good.

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