birthday cake

Thursday was the husband's birthday and we celebrated fairly quietly this year but it was still a lot of fun.  There were homemade birthday morning doughnuts (blueberry old fashioned), presents, indian food, and   more. We decided to extend the birthday over a day because I had planned on making him a birthday cake as well - but with lots of doughnuts, it didn't make sense to eat all of that in one day. So I made his cake the day after.  His favorite cake is "chocolate prune cake." Why? I'm not sure. You can buy it at a bakery in his hometown, but other than that they don't make it too many places.  So, I scrounged and found a suitable recipe for the cake that actually turned out quite good. Why prunes? I guess it makes the cake really moist. Don't worry there are no prune chunks - you puree those things as long as humanly possible - at least that's what I did.  The cake turned out a little girly because the decorative candles I thought I had I couldn't find in the apartment, so I had to improvise.  However, I did get to use my edible glitter, by a UK company Gemz.  I got mine in a super awesome gold glitter.  It wasn't too expensive on Ebay UK.  

And then something amazing happened.  Big Weasley and little Flannery turned super adorable. They went from cuddling, to kissing, and then to fighting but I didn't take pictures of that.


  1. oh my goodness! that cake s quite impressive. & edible glitter? wow. i never knew about it! the kitties are a d o r a b l e !! happy birthday to the husband!

    1. thanks, lina! yes the edible glitter is sooo much fun. kind of sucks that the best kind you have to get on ebay.co.uk but it's worth it for a special occasion.

  2. what a gorgeous cake!! Hope your birthday was amazing!


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