arroz con leche & banana bread

Sort of a mish-mash of desserts, but tonight we ate some arroz con leche and banana bread. We had made arroz con leche for a potluck several days ago, and today I noticed some very brown bananas that were too soft to eat alone - so I baked some banana bread.  I didn't have any eggs, but luckily googling "eggless banana bread" yields a large result of delicious recipes.  For the banana bread, I used this recipe, including the substitutions of whole wheat flour and brown sugar.  Even without eggs, this banana bread is really delicious and soft.  For the arroz con leche I used a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen. Pretty much everything I've made from that blog has been amazing.  Other than that it's been a quiet Tuesday.  Anyone doing anything fun this week?

Should I be eating both of these unhealthy things together? Probably not.


  1. I JUST made banana bread tonight! Brown sugar sounds like a great idea... it doesn't change the consistency too much?

    1. The brown sugar worked really well in the recipe. I don't think it changed the consistency at all. That banana bread was really really moist, and with the wheat flour it tasted a little healthier than normal, hah.


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