head scarves in the summer

I have always loved the look of head scarves, but never had the confidence to try it out in public myself.  Same goes for hats. As much as I love them, I feel "over-dressed" when I wear them.  However, after seeing some summer scarf inspiration, I boldly walked out of the apartment today with a silk scarf wrapped around my hair and I felt good (although the first few minutes I kept asking the husband if I looked okay)!  The husband and I walked to a bakery in Mile End, then went out to lunch at Le Cagibi, it was a nice summer afternoon in Montreal.  Perhaps soon I'll be able to go down the street wearing a summer boater hat...

And here are the images that inspired me


  1. No need to be self conscious, the head scarf looks great on you!

  2. super great! I love it!! But I must say, the pics of you were more inspiring to me than the ones you posted. Maybe it's your hair color, lips, and sunnies :D You look totally natural.



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