l'epicerie fuschia

One of my favorite cafes in Montreal is L'epicerie Fleur (Fuschia).  It's a beautiful cafe specializing in flower-infused beverages and flower groceries.  Besides food and drink, they also sell cookie mixes (in different floral flavors), candies, and other baked goods.  It's one of my favorite places in the world, and it's going to be one of the places I miss most when we move from Montreal in August.  Here are some photos of the cafe I quickly snapped when we had family visited. (PS. I apologize, but the camera I was using wasn't the one I normally use).
 L'Epicerie Fleur
4050 Avenue Coloniale
Plateau, Montreal

This cat was in a used bookstore window, sleeping peacefully as a street fair was loudly parading in front of him.

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