chris benz for spring

I realize that we left spring some time ago, but I can't help the fact that fashion designers are showing their Spring 2010 lines.  And believe me, my visit to Style.com was not in vain.  Who, of course, do I swoon for the most?  My Seattle love, Chris Benz. Everything he does is quite flawless.  I wish I could prance around in his clothes all day.  Make a line for Target, sir!

{photos on Style.com}

{to see more, click here}


  1. i love those t strap platforms. and i wish i could have that girls pretty red hair!

  2. i love how she's flipping her hair around instead of how most models stay stiff and stagnant. this brings life to the girl and to the movement of the fabric.

    Plus, these are just such happy clothes. which is what spring should be :)


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