sneak peak into my craft room

Eric and I were lucky enough to get a two bedroom apartment.  We utilize our second bedroom as my craft room, and extra storage for clothes and all of eric's film studies books.  It's still quite a mess but I've started putting it together.  I'm still hoping to make new curtains for the windows (the lace curtains were leftovers from thrift buys for my wedding canopy) and weasley's litter box mosquito net covering, (to hide the ugliness of the box).  Here is a sneak peak of what's going on!
{the pennant flags, made by my sister for my wedding}
{my handmade wedding headband}
{"darn it box" from friend, Anna}
{marc jacobs re-make hat and apron I am currently working on}
{the keeper of the room, weasley}


  1. That's a beauty of a craft room. I, too, have lace drapes on my bedroom windows at home - it's it so much better when the sun can shine through? It creates the most beautiful light.

  2. that darn it box, and that cat! this is a great post! xo


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