what?! apple pie molds?

I have been addicted to the upcoming fall season... prematurely, I'm sure.  None the less, I was on say YES! to hoboken, and fell in love with her new find from William & Sonoma.  APPLE & PUMPKIN PIE MOLDS.  Once I saw on the blog that they were from William & Sonoma, I assumed that they would be like, $30 per mold.  Not the case!!! Only $10 each, and if you buy both together, $17.
Hello pies...
{photos from William-Sonoma.com}


  1. These are adorable! I'm glad someone else is slightly obsessed with baking too!

  2. WHAT?!!? amaaaazing! oh this is gonna be on my list for Fall for SURE! :D

  3. i want! ahh... my kids will go crazy for them... I'LL go crazy for them!

  4. NICE! I can't wait 'til pumpkin season starts. YUMPIE.


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