Even before her debut on Project Runway, I was slightly stalking Leanne Marshall's work when she sold her designs to Portland boutiques.  Now she's all famous and lovely in New York City, but I still make sure I check out her blog every once in awhile.  Today I stumbled upon the photos of her fittings.  INCREDIBLE.

{photos by Leanne M.}


  1. Leanne was always my fave. I'm so excited she has a blog. THANK YOU!

  2. thanks for posting it! that first dress is awesome!

  3. I immediately showed my boss the first dress when i read your blog and we immediately discussed how grading that would be insane. haha. such nerds we are.

    i'm glad we both had such great taste (haha), that we knew about her before she was on project runway. ahh now she has moved to new york and away from portland. i'm a little sad!


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