apron in the works!

Last night I decided to whip out my old pattern-drafting books, tools, and paper to create a good apron pattern.  It's half dress, half apron, and after 3 test fits (I'm really not great at pattern-drafting), I finally came up with the pattern!  Unfortunately I didn't have great fabric for this endeavor on hand, so I decided to use some cheap leftovers, but once I find some good fabric, I will start taking custom orders on size, and putting them online. 

My goal is to buy some great french linens, or flour sack fabric to use on one side, then the reversible side will be a cute pattern, for both work and play.  You can get the one side dirty, then once it's time to look cute again, flip it over to the patterned side! 

This sample photo doesn't really show that idea, as I didn't have enough material to make the skirt reversible.

Once I get these aprons started, I will be posting them in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Super cute!

    - www.21Arrondissement.com


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