the perfect indulgence

Being the self-procrastinator that I am and one for "impossible challenges," for the week before finals I decided to "let myself off the hook," so to speak, and disregard my homework.  This meant, for a collection of work due today, I had to write a collection of papers and essays in a day and a half.  It was a stupid, stupid idea.  But I thought, since I finished on time (although the work lacked quality), I decided to reward myself with the absolute best celebration lunch: 
macaroni and cheese (the good kind), 
ginger ale, 
and one or two, maybe three pieces of dark chocolate covered toffee (Trader Joes!)

 (and yes, that remote is supposed to be in the photo. no more finals!)

What's not so great is not only did I have a handful of chocolate covered toffee, I also made ice cream.  Now granted, I'm not that gluttonous to indulge myself in several desserts, however, the reason I decided to make ice cream is because earlier this week, I made butterscotch sauce and had nothing to drizzle it on!  (okay, that all sounds pretty bad).  Anyways, I used a great recipe from a good family friend.  Normally this recipe and peaches in it, but since I wanted a basic ice cream for my butterscotch sauce, I omitted the fruit.  What's great about this recipe is it's a very smooth and easy ice cream to make at home, and it requires no eggs!  It's not great for you, but!  No eggs!  I'm always terrified of the egg process when making ice cream, I know it's a better way to get smoother, custardy ice cream, but this recipe is just as good and doesn't require all that mess of putting things on the stove.

Vanilla Ice Cream (sort of)
1 large package of instant vanilla pudding
1 can of Eagle brand condensed milk
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp. to 1 tbs. of vanilla extract (however much you want)
1 pint of heavy whipping cream
1 pint of half  and half
Toss in the vanilla pudding mix (powder) into a large bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients and mix together until smooth.  Add into an ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions.


  1. yum. I made the pioneer women's version of mac and cheese last weekend and it was pretty good. What recipe did you use?

  2. oh, well to be perfectly honest I didn't have enough money to sport all the different cheeses required for mac/cheese, so I just bought some fancy kind at New Seasons Market, which turned out to be quite delicious. I'll have to try your recipe though!


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