I've been debating a hairstyle for a long time.  I can't figure out if I want to keep my hair long, but with a perm to make it extra curly, or... chop it off.  It's been bugging me.  Here are some short versions I like.  I figured either way I'd perm my hair, them maybe cut it, and if I have to, straighten it for these other styles.  I need some major help or ideas if anyone knows what would be a good haircut for me.



  1. Not the bottom 2 but any of the top 4 are beautiful!! The idea of perming and then straightening for the other works, is very versatile. Might be good if you get tired of the curls though it can be so easy to take care of.
    Let's see what your girlfriends and cousins vote on!

  2. The fourth is gorgeous! Modern and classic and whimsical.

  3. I really love the second row of photos. Short is perfect for summer and spring!

  4. Oh you would look so cute with the top right! Such a fun modern look that would look great with what you wear. I hate it when my hair doesn't match my clothing (man that sounds silly :)


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