boston, mass

Due to some very maddening, and unfortunate events, my parents were unable to drive across the Quebec border with the husband and I.  It sucked real bad, but in the long run we still got to visit them in Boston.  Only a few days in Montreal, we drove across the Canadian border (again and again) and drove what we thought was 4 hours (but ended up being 6) to Boston.  Despite the dreaded waits at the border and the extended driving time, it was a wonderful trip!  I'm glad I got to go to Fenway Park with my Dad (although the Sox lost miserably) and got to go to the Boston Public Library for the first time.  The library had some pretty awesome exhibits including vintage travel art, and a great little window into some small worlds.  (the photo of me is of my sad, Red Sox: 2, Rangers: 7, face)

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