apartment preview

The husband and I have been working really hard trying to get our apartment in order.  We're probably only 50% done with painting and decorating, bit it is starting to look much better than it was.  Here are a couple photos of a shelf that the husband put up above our TV.  Now that we bought a fortune's worth of shelving, it's nice to have some shelves on the wall just for decoration.  More photos of the apartment will come soon, including Before and Afters.

{photos by the husband}


  1. absolutely love this shelf!!! i have a small collection of vintage wooden crates screwed into my wall forming a make-shift book shelf...but i really love this idea...is it just casually swinging from the wall or is it screwed in somewhere??

  2. hi shay! thanks for the compliment. i love the idea of the wooden crate shelves. i always wanted to do that myself but never got around to collecting the crates. as for the swinging shelf, if you look at the top of the photo you can see some curved hooks we drilled into the wall, that's where the rope is hanging. and then we put in some reinforcing nails and screws underneath the shelf.


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