montreal updates

We've been in Montreal for a few weeks now.  Can't say we know a whole lot more than the day we moved here, however it's been quite an adventure getting the apartment ready, and exploring the city.

The first update:  The living room is about 95% done.  We've put up some shelves, finished painting the base color (a dark grey, but looks fairly green in photos and certain light) and now working on finishing painting the molding a clean white.  Our kitchen is essentially a part of our living room, so with all the extra kitchen storage we had to add, there wasn't a whole lot of space for dining.  So now we've created our "tea corner," which is also our dining table - that is until someone comes over for dinner... we won't have any room for him/her.

As for exploring, the husband and I went to the Musee des Beaux Arts.  Did you know that most of their collection is free to view?  It's only their new exhibits you have to pay to see.  It's quite incredible, and we had a lot of fun.  I feel that moving to a new city helps your wardrobe.  It's like all of your clothes are new, and you put them together in new ways.  For example, the outfit on the right, I haven't worn the scarf/wrap in months because I felt I had worn it in every way I could.  The top I wore on top of it, I could never wear by itself because the neckline would drape wayyy too low.  But now, I've fashioned this, and I am quite excited to wear this outfit more.

One part of my wardrobe that is new, however, are my wonderful Clarks Originals sandals.  I've worn them every day since the beginning of July, and my feet have remained resilient.  They are an incredible investment.  They remind me of Kork-Ease sandals, but not as platformed (or as expensive).  I highly recommend buying a possibly expensive, but super comfortable pair of sandals, like these.

During our trip to the Musee, I discovered a new favorite painter.  A Montreal artist from the early 1900s, James Wilson Morris.  I particularly loved his portraits of women.  The colors he uses are ones I wish to have in my wardrobe every day.

My personal favorite.

Hopefully, the weeks to come, we will explore more and I'll have my camera out to photograph some pretty Montreal things.


  1. i love to see how people make a house a home when they move to a new one : )
    love the outfits!

    this may be a strange question, but are you by any chance seventh-day adventist?

  2. Hi Lina, thanks for the comment, yes I am SDA.

  3. your hair is so cute, Hollin. I can't believe you cut it yourself!

  4. awesome! me too : )
    i don't want to sound like a creeper, but i just picked up on a few clues (no jewelery, having garage voice at your wedding (which is how i found your blog btw), garage sale not on saturday, etc.) & thought that maybe you were.
    happy to meet you!


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