midnight haircut

It was around midnight last night, after hours of painting, trying out our new chalkboard wall in our kitchen, and setting up decorations, did I realize that I could no longer stand my frizzy, split ended, dread-locked hair.  I decided to at least cut my bangs... and then before I could realize, I tied my hair in a pony-tail and chopped it off.  I can't say that the back is straight, or even if the layers are symmetrical.  I had an idea in mind of a hairstyle (from Fudge magazine).  It didn't turn out.  Instead my hair looks exactly like my sister's.  But that's okay.  We're in two different countries now, so no one will get confused.  Also, the outfit I'm wearing in the picture is an entire outfit that she also owns.  I am pretty much my sister at this point. =)


  1. haha! just the other day i cut my hair in an impatient furry too. looks great lady!

  2. oh my!

    It does look lovely, though. Your sister has grand taste.

  3. who does this?? you just pulled it in a ponytail and chopped it?? this idea is so foreign to me. that is legit! it looks super cute :)

  4. I tend to just adore only long hair, but the short cut is cute!


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