apartment living, and more.

So we've been in Montreal for maybe 3 weeks or so, although it feels like we've mainly been camped out in our apartment, trying to fix it up to our liking.  So far what's been most exciting is receiving some post-birthday packages!  I got a very cute birthday package from friend, Anna, and it was just so cute, full of great vintage flea market finds.  I also have been spending lots of my days in great summery clothes, although it occasionally pours rain here (way more than Portland).  The newest hobby is starting up my Etsy store, coming soon: some handmade aprons, and men's ties.  A preview of a tie here, although it's already spoken for.  I will keep you posted of the store updates, and the store's grand opening... once I get fabric and what not.  =)  Other than that's been fairly event-less here in Montreal, perhaps people need to visit me.


  1. yaaay fun things! i'm still impressed it made it to you in such a timely manner. :)

  2. So many fun things in the pictures. Was wondering what is in the polka dotted round case.

  3. Super lovely post. Je kiffe. Emma x


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