my thanksgiving menu

This will be my second Thanksgiving in Montreal, however it will be my first US Thanksgiving here.  First of all, it will consist of just the husband and I, yet I have 12 recipes to make, why?  Because I'm crazy.  I'm hoping I can cut down the list, but right now, I'm pretty firm on all of them.  I've decided to cut all the recipes in half, which will certainly cut down portions.  It will just be a giant food fest for the weekend.


Roast Chicken (some recipes I'm considering) here, and here, and here!
*Anyone have any tried and true amazing roast chicken recipes (that include brining?)

"Mock Turkey" (for the husband)

with gravy and cranberry sauce

Special K Loaf (the husband's specialty)
*This isn't the exact recipe, but it's an example of what's out there.

Assortment of Vegetables

*I'm excited about this pumpkin pie except I don't think I've seen canned yams before...

What is everyone else having for Thanksgiving?

Hopefully there will be some pictures of the event after Black Friday!


  1. no Thanksgiving meal is ever complete without Special K loaf. :)

  2. I agree with Ashley. But it all looks fantastic.

  3. what's the deal? No picture of the Special K Loaf....too ugly for you? I understand.

  4. Okay. This is worth a plane ticket.


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