winter blankets

I've been looking at a lot of winter blankets online.  It seems like more than ever (but maybe not) there are sooo many to choose from. And really you can go in any direction, sweater knit, down, fleece, wool, fur, you name it...  Here are some of the blankets I've found and have enjoyed, I've found myself rather fond of faux fur blankets this year, probably because I live in the hunting-snowing-frozen Canada.  I'm also looking for some deer antlers to hang on my walls, got to embrace it.  

Also if you enjoy blankets and throws as much as I do, check out this Katy Elliot's blog, she has an entire blankets and throws category, a huge resource!

for the practical one: down and fleece Eddie Bauer

For the prettiest colors, TOAST

for the days you're out iceskating, Urban Outfitters

for the glitzy and wealthy one, Anthropologie

for the glitzy, more budgeted one, Pottery Barn


  1. oh i saw that one from uo. i really wanted it. looks so nice!

  2. Theres a great sherpa/down one at Costo! I do love the eddie bauer one though.

  3. "hunting-snowing-frozen Canada" this sounds derogatory.


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