the coffee project, montreal

I found this via Photojojo the other day, and thought it was just a brilliant idea.  "The best coffee in Montreal" is photographed in the appropriate frame size, and the coffee to the right, at the table of the coffee house.  I believe all of these photos are shot by different people around the city.  If you look on the Adbeus blog, it shows instructions on how to photograph the coffee.

It makes me happy that I've been a few of these places.  And now with this blog, I can look forward to new coffee house visits.

For the rest of the images, and the cafes, click here.


  1. Seriously? You shot all these? This is a brilliant series. Brilliant! Can I make prints of these?

  2. ooh no no no, I didn't.. I wish. I'll make that clearer on the post - I believe these photographs are taken by different people all over the city, who list where the coffee is from.

  3. Hey, all pics are taken by Don Tanios. For prints you can ask him on twitter @dontanios.

    Brilliant idea, indeed!

  4. wow this blog is amazing, i luv it, im going to visit all these places !


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