christmas decorations: stockings

This year, we decided to finally make Christmas stockings, especially since this is our first year without having a family Christmas.  I had bought felt from a fabric store in Portland, and got to sewing them, pinking the edges, and decorating them.  The husband was insistent that he make his own, so he did, even machine-embroidering an "E" on his.  I made mine and Weasley's.  Oddly enough, Weasley's turned out the best.  Using a few metallic pipe cleaners, I shaped and hot-glued Weasley's name on her stocking, I think I'll do that again whenever we "remake" our stockings.

stockings in order: eric's, mine, then weasley's

the kittens cuddling cutely

weasley for the holidays


  1. oh my gosh. Weasley. perfect. Love these shots and the stockings are amazing.


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