an easy holiday craft

Being on a student budget, Christmas sometimes seems more like a sad holiday.  Not this year!  Sure I'm still on a student budget, but this year I've got the motivation to turn my Montreal apartment into a Christmas extravaganza!  First stop, decorations.  This is one of the cheapest crafts you can make for the holidays.  I'm not sure if I've thought of this craft myself, or there's already a craft like this floating around but I took some photos of my twig and snowflakes idea just in case.  There's not real "how-to" but I can give you the gist of it pretty easily.

1. Collect multiple sizes of twigs and branches outside : free!
2. Buy standard coffee filters : $1-2
3. Find other "filler ornaments" from Ikea or Target : $3-5 (optional!)
4. Fold a single coffee filter in halves about 4 times.  Cut out your snowflake!
5.  Repeat this step until you make as many snowflakes as you like.
6. Once you've completed your snowflakes, using a need and thread, thread the snowflake and knot.
7. Choose the length between your snowflake and your branch, and thread the snowflake to the tree.
8. Continue to do the rest of the snowflakes and then add in your filler ornaments, if you choose.  I used the Ikea ornaments that are made of straw, they worked really well.
9. Once you're done, You can cut out too small strips of felt to wrap around both sides of the branch, and pin it to your wall, or use more string to pin the branch to the ceiling... I haven't decided what I'm doing yet.
10.  Don't have your snowflakes dangle too low, or there's going to be some angry tall people, or some mischievous jumping cats.

There you have it, an extremely cheap AND easy craft!


  1. so pretty! this is perfect. thanks : )

  2. i was hoping you would post this!! soo pretty. can't wait to see everything else you're up to! have a good weekend hollin!


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