smart design mart 2010

I discovered Smart Design Mart randomly while searching the internet for "things to do in Montreal."  What's more incredible is that this mart was taking place the EXACT weekend I needed to get all of my Christmas presents wrapped, packed, and shipped to California.  It was quite the Christmas miracle, especially since there were some family members and friends I was still puzzled on what to get them.  Needless to say, after spending an hour or two at this mart, my Christmas shopping was done.  I could have even gotten some shopping done for myself, but I was very, very disciplined, too much so.

cat teepee and fur rug:  what would have been weasley's christmas present, if I could have only convinced the husband.

some artists were designing a wall in the studio space


i will see you next time, Smart Design!

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  1. whoaaaa. this looks sooo fantastic! love these photos hollin! so glad you found it. i've missed all the craft fairs this winter due to work! boooo. ooo and congrats on launching your new photo site! i have yet to check it out in full!


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