i wish i had long hair...

I know it's silly of me to say.  I had extremely long hair this past summer, but starting a new life in a new country some how had me forcing scissors to my locks and chopping them off.  So now my hair is reaching for my shoulders, and I'm hoping by the summer I can gain some length.  Lately I've been into all that beauty stuff.  Nail polish, makeup, hairstyles... probably because it's too cold and too snowy to ponder wearing a skirt with some tights, or sacrificing leather boots on the salted sidewalks.  Being stylish vs. being warm. (my daughter, my sister, my daughter, my sister..)

I wish my hair wasn't so thick.  Some girls can really pull off creative bobby pinning.  Me - I can barely work the things..

my favorite look of all time


  1. I think you might need 6 hands to do those doos...
    I love the little row of wiggle knots in picture 3.

    My hair is just the opposite...thin and straight...

  2. I'm currently wearing the same shirt as in your last picture! Lol but my hair does not look nearly as good!

  3. my goodness these are gorgeous!!!! my fave are the first and the third. kind of wishing i had long hair right now too!

  4. oh my, I want long hair, too :)
    I always had short hair but I decided to let it grow and now I'm in the middle of the process ;)
    picture nr.3 looks so gorgeous soon soon I will be able to do this...I hope...
    Thank you for sharing these :)


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