sugar baby, baby, baby...

It's one of the most beautiful new cookbooks (if you can call it that) out there, a part from Baked Explorations, of course.  Sugar Baby is a new book solely based on the "cooking of sugar."  It's awesome!  Typically, most dessert books are full of cake recipes, with a recipe for marshmallows thrown in there, but this book, includes any book where you must cook sugar, and each section is categorized by the sugar stage, i.e., soft ball stage, hard crack, etc...

I had to buy the husband a gift from Amazon.ca, but wanted the "free super saver shipping,"  I was only half way there, so upon discovering Sugar Baby, I thought, perfect!  The name, Gesine Bullock-Prado sounded so familiar when I browsed the cookbook online, and then it hit me -  GOLDEN EGGS!  This woman (actually the sister of Sandra Bullock) makes THE BEST little cakes in the world.  I made them because the simpleness of the cake inspired me, and if you follow the directions exactly, they will explode your mind... or something close.  If you live in Austin, TX you can go to Bullock's cafe, Walton's Fancy and Staple, to try the little cake yourself, but really, just make them, please.

Back to Sugar Baby:
If you don't like buying cookbooks, or if you like to try a few recipes first, look at her blog, for some example recipes you can try now! Also, the author's personality is hilarious and just so evident in the instructions and writing.  But it'd probably be worth it to buy, it is just chock full of gift ideas and easy ways to get diabetes. 

Gesine Makes Parisian Macarons from Raymond Prado on Vimeo.


  1. haha diabetes. ok i shouldn't really be laughing but that was funny.

    i'm totally judging the book by its cover but i can already tell it's AMAZING. thanks for sharing hollin. will have to pick up a copy soon!

  2. after almost a year i will finally visit fancy and staple next weekend. very excited!

    p.s. everyone already has diabetes (medical fact) so who cares! sugar for everyone!

  3. i just read that this is sandra bullocks sister!? crazy!


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