pastel whoopie pies

So mine of course isn't as pretty as the whoopie pies from Project Wedding, but I thought I'd give it a try. I loved the colors that they chose and tried to get the same rich, but subtle hues.  Unfortunately it didn't quite work.  I made whoopie pies in yellow, coral, and grey.  The grey for some reason was fairly splotchy - probably not mixed well enough.  As for the cake batter, I'm not sure how I feel about this particular batter, the cake itself wasn't fantastic but then again I've never had a true whoopie pie before.  If you want to try a different whoopie pie recipe, try some of these free listed recipes from the Whoopie Pies book.


  1. that's great! - i often don't think about photographing things until they're all finished...and then i think how wonderful it would have been to photo-document the whole process!

    p.s. i've added you to my 'blogs of note' list on my blog!

  2. those whoopie pies looks so yummy! good job :)


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